Estivales de la Question animale

Support the Estivales


The following banners are proposed to be set on your website and could be linked with the homepage of Estivales website. These are three different size banners.

Bannière des Estivales, largeur 240 Bannière des Estivales, largeur 360 Bannière des Estivales, largeur 480

To present the banner on your website, record the above picture (right click for example) into a file of your website. Then use the following html code (for the 240 width banner) but substituting nom-du-dossier code with the name of your file.

<a href="">
  <img src="nom-du-dossier/Estivales2011Banniere-240.png"
   alt="Estivales de la question animale" style="border: none;"/>

If you want to use the 360 or 480 width banner, please correct the figure into the name of the picture (end of the second line above).

If you want another size banner, you can create it from the svg version of the banner (vectorized picture).

Financial support

The fees for the Estivales organization (rooms renting, materials and fees) are mainly taken in charge by the participants. However, donations allow to maintain low prices and especially, to offer a discount for people with low income.

Thank you for your donation. Send it by check payable to Éditions Sentience to the following address: Éditions Sentience, 9 place Colbert, 69001 Lyon, France. Please, write on the back of the check that your donation is for Estivales.

We are planning for proposing online donation.

The association «Les Éditions Sentience» will send you a receipt in order to benefit from tax credit if you are taxable in France.

Fichiers source du logo, etc.

Nous stockons les fichiers suivants surtout pour les retrouver nous-mêmes!